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Guaranteed press release publication to up to 450 influential news sites, achieve social proof and dominate your SEO strategy. Publish press releases and articles now with Brand News’ exclusive UK and worldwide digital PR access.

Social Proof “As Seen On”

Brand social proof for products and services has become a key element is sales and marketing. In an overcrowded marketplace, it has become harder to reach journalists and quality news websites and therefore zero opportunity to stand out from the noise. Brand News digital PR distribution will guarantee your press release is published in mega authority new sites as listed below with worldwide reach. We can even write your press release for you. Order your digital PR today

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Digital PR service is fairly new in concept, but obvious in benefits and deliverables. You no longer need to pay PR retainers for effort with guarantees. If you are looking for the most effective way to ensure promotion of your brand, services or products, then the Brand News digital PR service offers guaranteed submission to high value digital PR services and news wires is the perfect solution.

Brand News provides a simple digital press release service process, which gives you coverage, SEO backlinks and the high ranking publicity required ensure your brand can be highlighted to your target audience. Premium press releases and articles will often rank on search engines in their own right, in addition to the improved rankings your website will gain from the quality backlinks received via respected news wires and news websites.

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Increased web traffic

to reach a new audience

SEO ranking boost

for your websites SEO

Social proof

for influence and brand trust

What is digital PR?

Simply the distribution and subsequent publication of your press release to digital news sources. Many clients ask the Brand News team, what is digital PR and how digital pr is different to tradition PR? The simple answer is, guaranteed publication.

The service from digital pr agency Brand News provides rapid coverage across agreed major titles. We will help you reach your target audience by hitting top PR channels from news sites to local publications in the UK, Canada and the US. Our digital PR service distribution includes broadcast media, trade journals and submission to a large network of high authority websites.

Online media digital press release exposure will provide you market advantage that you can promote on social media for real social proof. Plus you can earn credible SEO kudos from juicy backlinks with the Brand News digital press release service.

See how Brand News can help you..

digital pr benefits

Benefits of digital PR

Increase in Organic Web Traffic

Organic SEO Rank Boost

Increased Google Profile Rankings

Contextual Anchor Text Links

White Hat Website Authority Builder

Boost Brand Awareness

Providing Massive Social Proof / Evidence

Evergreen Content for Social Media

Building Trust for your Brand

Fixed Price Marketing

Guaranteed Publication

Digital PR Prices

Core PR Package


Core digital PR service package provides perfect backlinks for ranking, SEO website ranking, link building and products. This is a press release package only and not review or opinion piece

(Publication Subject to Editor Approval)

Note certain industries eg Crypto, CBD, Gambling, Loans carry restrictions.

MarketWatch DA91

50+ABC, NBC, Fox News

Google News inclusion

50+ authority news partners

Full Publication report


Premium PR Package


Premium digital PR service includes APNews and Digital Journal for extra exclusive reach. Plus UK, Canada and US newswires and journalist / bloggers

(PR Subject to Editor Approval & Quality Guidelines)

All of core package plus

AP News / Associated Press – DA92

Digital Journal – DA86

International newswires (UK, US, Canada)

100+ journalists and bloggers

Full publication report


Exclusive PR Package


This exclusive digital press release package includes publication in the Yahoo News network (Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Style etc)

(PR Subject to Editor Approval & Quality Guidelines)

Note certain industries eg Crypto, CBD, Gambling, Loans carry restrictions.

Inclusion in the highly exclusive Yahoo News / Finance network

A real ‘Brand Featured’ opportunity, showing excellent social proof

Full publication report

(ID verification required)


All of core package

plus AP News / Associate Press - DA92

Digital Journal - DA86

International newswires (UK, US, Canada)

100+ journalists and bloggers

Full Publication Report

Digital PR campaign with social proof

Content marketing has many metrics and should not be focused purely on numbers. In any digital PR campaign, social proof should become top of mind, as the news opportunity provides your brand trust factor improvements and increasing conversion rates.

It is difficult to under estimate the power of social proof, by reinforcing your content and messages from trusted sources, potential customers will turn into loyal brand advocates. A key consideration for an effective digital press release service.

Boost front of mind

A press release is evidence of your product or service – the news outlet demonstrates that your business and your announcement is meaningful.

Linking back to press releases will support feature snippets from key publications on socials. Use the credibility to verify your feeds on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Improve your conversion rates by 48% by adding a graphic on your website showing ‘As Seen On’. A feature in trusted new sites raises confidence with new visitors.

Build brand trust

Digital PR extends brand trust with near instant exposure and audiences across the internet. Highlight the exposure across your social media platforms and website, create a blog about your press exposure and link back to it to create further credibility.

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B organisation, based in the UK, Europe, Canada or the US, brand trust is key for every sale to complete, getting your press releases featured on some of the most respected news sites in the world as a one off or as part of a campaign will have an impressive impact.

Social media content

Maximising exposure with you existing audience is where digital PR gets extra special. Social media is the place to start to share your press releases. Extend the reach of external pr links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can also cross-post your press release on your own website as a standalone post or blog linking to the actual article. This will maximise online value and you can adapt the content with new image designs, providing evergreen brand promotion.

Order your digital PR package now

Digital press release services – FAQs

We receive many questions about digital pr and how to get started – below, we have answered all the top queries.

If you’re interested in evergreen content (which remains live indefinitely and provides valuable backlinks to your website), then this is a perfect method. Pushing out your press release link via social media is a good option and the following month simply focus on another element of the release.

Yes, you can write a press release yourself or ask our experienced PR team to put together an on-brand article in your tone of voice to communicate the news, information or message you’d like to convey in your press release.

Our premium digital press release service includes publication on quality sites such as Yahoo News & Finance, plus a library of other places and media brands you might wish to appear on!
Above you’ll find a free template to help write your press release – or you can get in touch if you’d like us to assign a professional content writer as an end-to-end service.

Some publications display features or press releases for specific periods, and others will leave online content in their archives forever.

The publications in our press network regularly rank on the first page of Google, so some well-placed search terms can help get you in front of interested readers with links to your site to help boost visitors. Clever use of keywords in news titles and copy will help.

Brand News offers 100% placement guarantees, leveraging our long-standing network of press contacts and editors – taking away all the stress of trying to find mainstream coverage for your company.

Our system will customise press release format if we’re looking to publish your content on a site with a different template or maximum character requirements.

Our team delivers full reports so you can see who received your press release and the results we’ve achieved.

Although organic SEO can take time to generate results, most Brand News clients see a quick traffic uptick when their press releases are published on high readership digital news sites due to the dofollow and nofollow backlinks, both of which are a key part of effective seo strategy.

There are all sorts of guidelines depending on the topic, news publication or website, and the nature of your press release – for example, professional announcements or industry thought pieces tend to be a little more formal and wordy.

Generally 300-600 words is fine, also your title should be short and snappy, so it’s easy to digest the point of the content immediately, and it fits nicely into every press release template.

Guidelines vary between outlets, but the media partners we work with usually retain each article for between three and 24 months.
Regular press releases are the optimal way to keep building momentum and ensure you have a new traffic generation campaign underway as the previous one winds down.

Our core digital press release package includes guaranteed placement on 100+ sites, such as Google News (280 million readers).

We offer several packages and custom add-ons if you’d like to target a specific location or publication.
Core press release distribution includes 75+ local newswires, 100+ finance and business sites, 50+ authority news partners and 50+ posts on ABC, NBC and Fox News, plus Google News.
Looking for placements in the US, individual States or another place? Add-ons start from just £99.

It might be tempting to try and gain coverage with a free or cheap press release service. Still, there are no guarantees of any results, and the media outlets covered are unlikely to be relevant to your industry. Remember you can only distribute your press release once effectively, so don’t waste a great opportunity to make noise about your company news.

We always advise using a professional, skilled digital press release team if you’re serious about getting your business noticed.

Images and your logo add colour and interest to a text press release. Anything relevant can boost your SEO visibility since it helps readers understand the information you’re providing. Note that not all new sites will publish your image or logo, but always best to provide them.

You can use a press release to publicise events, launch a new website, advertise free webinars or courses, promote products, make announcements or share your company’s back story – there are no limitations.

We’ll contact suitable publications within our global network to guarantee prominent positioning in media outlets with the highest readerships.
You benefit from brand exposure, authoritative backlinks, and increased visibility.

Domain authority assesses how authoritative a website is in Googles eyes. We use a variety of domain authority or DA ranked news websites that go as high as 92/100.

Digital press releases are a great way to bump up the domain authority on your website as Google considers you to be more powerful, providing useful information that its users want to review. A link from an authoritative news site to your website gives you credibility over and above that most businesses can achieve.

PR is short for both public relations and press releases – but they’re each part of the same marketing strategy! Public relations refers to your approach to sharing information about your company with the public and fostering a positive perception of your brand, usually through press releases.

A press release is one of the primary PR tools used to make announcements, share news, promote exciting new launches or discuss topics relevant to your industry.

There isn’t much you can’t say within a press release – they’re often used to publicise opinion pieces or new ideas. However, we’d suggest you follow a few basic guidelines when you’re deciding what your content should say:

    • Avoid anything derogatory about another brand or competitor; it doesn’t give a positive impression! Instead, talk about your differences, achievements and the benefits you bring to your customers.
    • It’s wise to steer clear of anything controversial, such as politics, since some outlets may have rules about what they will and won’t publish.

Brand News is happy to advise if you’d like to circulate a press release and need an opinion about what stance to take or how to pitch your content. Or we can write it for you.

Some of our most popular packages include press features in MarketWatch, Digital Journal, ApNews and even Yahoo News, amongst many other well-known outlets.

The reality is that any business that sells, trades or advertises online can gain a competitive advantage through publishing strategically placed press releases!

We always consult with our clients and agree on a circulation strategy before taking action, so you’ll know exactly where your press release is being featured or published!

Unfortunately, one of the big PR challenges is that, if you’re going it alone, it can be extremely difficult to get a journalist’s attention or costs a huge amount to pay for a feature in a publication or digital news site with a large readership.

While press releases can be extremely beneficial in building brand authority and showing your expertise, it’s also important to optimise the content, keywords and links for SEO. This helps drive your website up the search engine rankings (so more customers can find you!).

To discuss how a dedicated Digital PR services could take your promotions to the next level, arrange a call today or drop us a message to start discussions.